Cleanse - Group Ritual


Full name Date of birth

This ritual serves to remove any negative/harmful energies, dark and parasitic entities and any evil from your heart, mind, body, soul and spirit and any blockages associated with them. This ritual will also restore balance and raise your vibration.

Cleansing is like clearing the clutter from your spiritual space and your own energy. Over time, we all pick up negative energies, whether from our own experiences or from others around us. This negativity creates blockages, making it hard for positive energies to flow through and bring the changes you want. Spiritual cleansing removes this negativity along with the entities creating negative blockages. It highly is recommended to cleanse yourself mothly.

You can put up to 3 people into this ritual for the price stated.

This ritual can be (and is recommended) for children too.

This is a ritual that will be completed - 24th of August, 2024

Footage of the ritual will be posted on my IG page.