Separation Ritual - LIMITED


Full name and DOB of your partner Full name and DOB of your rival Your email address

This is LIMITED OFFER AND WILL NOT BE REPEATED for 16 months or longer! Since this is RARE ritual, it is opened for 15 people!

Do you have a rival? Is your relationship dealing with 3rd party? This ritual is going to REMOVE the 3rd party! If there is a person who is constantly trying to get in between you and your partner, this work will create distance, havoc, conflict and hostility between your partner and the 3rd party, eventually removing the 3rd party and their influence from your union. It can remove a homewrecker, interfering friends, meddling in-laws, etc.

THIS IS NOT A RITUAL TO ATTACK COUPLES OUT OF SPITE OR REVENGE! It serves to protect YOUR OWN union where both people want to be together!

This is a group ritual that will be completed on 29th of June, 2024.

Footage of the rite will be emailed to you within 48 hour from the completion.