Blockbuster & Road Opener - Personal LIMITED


Your full name and DOB Are of your life you wish to unblock (General, relationship, etc.) Your email address

This is LIMITED SERVICE (5 people ONLY)

This is not A GROUP RITUAL, you are the ONLY target of this ritual.

Name of this ritual is self-explanatory and it is STRONG and COMPLEX! It will destroy and remove any blockages, obstacles and anything else that stands in your way WHILE opening all doors and roads for all good things to come flooding into your life.

This ritual is higly recommended to clear your path and allow for bigger manifestation of other rituals!

This ritual can be used on your general life or your relationship (it can and will remove interfering and meddling individuals) or another specific thing in your life (career, busness, job hunting, etc.)

This ritual will be completed within a week after booking.

You will receive an email with footage of the ritual within 48 hours of completion.