Personal 1 on 1 Work -LIMITED


Your full name and DOB Your desire you wish to manifest Your email address

During Personal 1 on 1 I will work with you personally and we will concentrate on fully manifesting desire of your choice! This is LIMITED OFFER (1 person ONLY)

This includes:

-Initial 60 minutes consultation during which we will discuss your desired goal and how to get you to it

-Card reading regarding your goals and what the best strategy is

-between 4 to 7 rituals based on your situation and your goal

-weekly 30 minutes consultation to discuss any changes

-Final report and recommendations/guidance for the future, tips on how to maintain your manifestation using frequencies and alignment with your desire, journaling, meditation, etc.

-Protection of your work and manifested desire

This service has time frame of 31 days


Within 3 days from purchasing this service, you will receive an email where we will schedule your consultation and establish start date for your rituals.